What age do the Bombers begin?
Currently, the organization starts at the 10u age level. 

How many games/tournaments can we expect for the season?

Teams will play between 16-20 league games (ages 10u-14u) and 6-8 tournaments. 15u and above typically play in 7-8 tournaments.

Are there any additional fees incurred other than the player fees?

Each year, The Bomber's Organization decides on 2-3 fundraising events to help support increased training opportunities for its players.

How are the coaches selected for each team?

Coaches are mostly found through contacts, reputation and employment credentials. Player's Choice Academy gives the organization a place where current and prospective coaches are given the opportunity to continue their growth and puts them in an environment with other coaches.

When does the season typically end?

Most teams will end their season mid to late July. 

How much off-season commitment should we expect?

Teams will typically start some sort of training sessions in the fall. Indoor training will start in late October.

Do the players usually play only one position?

Coaches will put players in positions to succeed and will make every effort (10-13u especially) to give a player a chance at any position that the player IS interested in playing.

How is playing time determined? 

The Bomber's Organization does not have or encourage an equal playing time format. Coaches mostly let the players determine that. Hard work, attendance for practice, the ability to make adjustments, attitude, being responsible and skill all play a part in playing time.

How many overnight tournaments can we expect?

Typically a team will attend 2-3 tournaments that will be away from the area which will require hotel stays for the weekend.

What is a PO?

PO is a player taking a pitcher only roster spot. This player has committed to only pitching and the player's fee is reduced, however, his winter training is not.


Are players encouraged to participate in other sports? 

The Bomber's Organization encourage other sports. Decisions on how many sports and the time it takes away from the training that the Bomber's offer are the family’s decision if the Bomber's are a good fit. This should also be disclosed to the coach at evaluations in the fall when team is being chosen and reminded to the coach during indoor training.

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